V. Chapman is a Los Angeles based boutique womenswear brand founded by Victoria Salisbury in 2018. The name V. Chapman combines her first initial and her grandmother's maiden name. It was important to Victoria to continue her grandmother’s heritage and creativity of her family in her brand.  Victoria was born and raised in Rolling Hills, California, surrounded by creativity from her parents. Taught to sew by her mother at an early age, Victoria has always loved creating dresses, especially those for special occasions.

Her main goal while creating V. Chapman was to make unique pieces for the magical moments in your life. She wanted to give detail, structure, and femininity at an attainable price. She creates pieces that are reminiscent of the past with modern touches.

Put on your V. Chapman dress and picture yourself in an English garden, having tea and cake with your friends, ready to continue into the evening with dancing and laughter until sunrise. That is where she hopes her designs will take you.

v. chapman designer


Meet Victoria
“Everyone wants to feel like a dream, so wear what you dream of.”

Victoria has always been a dreamer. Whether she was dreaming about horses or dresses, her head was always thinking about something magical. Her love for making dresses and jewelry started when she was a little girl. Her mother, April, taught her how to sew and gave her and her sister endless amounts of beads and tools to create with. When she was a little girl she started making dresses for her dolls and jewelry for her toy horses. Then it was prom dresses for her and her sister, Halloween costumes, New Years dresses, and now occasion dresses! Dresses for weddings, bridal showers, bachelorettes – you name it! The idea of making something special and exactly what she dreamt of wearing was always an exciting project.

Victoria went to Savannah College of Art and Design and Majored in Fashion Design. She was on the equestrian team, which allowed her to engulf herself in her two favorite pastimes: art and riding horses. She eventually transferred back to Los Angeles, missing Southern California, and finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Woodbury University, where she graduated with honors. While she was in college she had a small jewelry line called ViVi Jewelry that was featured in Lucky Magazine and carried in several boutiques across Los Angeles. After college, she interned at Jenni Kayne, followed by 10 ½ years as Senior Designer at Chan Luu. After 10 ½ years at Chan Luu, it was time to put the dreams she had as a little girl into fruition.

photo of bridesmaids walking with bride in garden